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Granite is an excellent choice and is by far the most durable of all the natural stones available for counter tops. Granite is highly resistant to scratching and is impervious to any heat sources that are normally generated in the home such as hot pans.

When sealed properly, granite will not stain. When you purchase granite from Onslow Stoneworks, Inc. you can be rest assured that if you ever have an issue with staining, Onslow Stoneworks, Inc. will stand by its installation and remedy the situation. While staining remains a topic of much debate by so called "experts", the fact is, when granite is sealed with the right product and more importantly, the right process, you should never have to reseal your granite counter tops.

At Onslow Stoneworks, Inc. we use only the highest quality sealers and employ the latest sealing practices on every single piece of stone that leaves our fabrication facility.